Andy Imrie

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’
Albert Einstein

It all began in an office in Knightsbridge staring at a blank sheet of paper and trying to fill it with a powerful idea.
Since then my creative thinking has embraced strategic thinking, press ads have evolved into pixels, concepts became content, wireless turned into wi-fi, words on a page have become words in a pitch, traditional media has encompassed social media, creative ideas have become customer journey’s.
I have written ads in creative agencies like Lowes and WMGO, been creative director in international agencies such as Euro’s and JWT and part owned agencies like BCD&P and SOUK.
I have run accounts, departments and whole agencies.
I’ve created countless TV ads, I've penned countless press ads, written posters with few words, blogs with a few more words and corporate brochures with lots of long words.
I've worked direct with clients, in partnership with clients and even made one client cry with a charity radio ad I wrote.
Along the way I’ve sold a ton of stuff and won awards at every agency I’ve worked at.
These days I also write lectures on copywriting that I teach around the world and around the capital to help the next generation of salesmen. I write reviews for theatre goers for various websites and blogs for myself and many clients.
And still the blank page beckons.